Meals on Wheels Program is a strong engine at The Senior Hub

The Senior Hub Meals on Wheels program is a strong engine at The Senior Hub as we actively mobilize over 50 volunteers, and deliver 200 hot meals daily, across twenty routes in Adams County. This program would not exist without our AMAZING, dedicated Volunteers, we thank them for all they do each day to support The Senior Hub and our community!!!

The Meals on Wheels program actively fund raises through numerous campaigns, and we were awarded over 7k this year for our campaign with Subaru Share the Love. We are thankful for our social media love as it was key to the funds we raised!  Please continue to share, like, post and engage with us on social media, it means a lot and can add up to dollars!!!

Finally Meals on Wheels and the Senior Hub have a new partnership with Helping Habit, a volunteer software database that will help us report, track and share volunteer activity. We are excited to utilize this tool to broadcast volunteer opportunities with Meals on Wheels and other agency programs.

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