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The PetVet Fund assists aging adults to care for their family pet by providing supplies needed to care for their animals. We know that our pets are family and beloved companions, but sometimes we need a little help in meeting their needs in addition to our own. This program is designed to offset the regular costs of animal care so that participants can afford other care for themselves and their pets.

In order to qualify for this program, the following criteria must be met:*

  • Enrolled in the program by completing the application-contact Kathleen Casey to obtain a copy

The Senior Hub will take the following information into account before providing services:

  • There is need and available grant funds.
  • Food, treats, pet supplies.

*Supplies are not guaranteed, and are subject to available grant funds.

For any questions or to obtain a copy of the program application, contact Pet Vet Coordinator, Kathleen Casey, at 303-426-4408 x218 or

For More Information:

Senior Hub

Kathleen Casey
303-426-4408 x218