RSVP Becomes S.H.O.U.T.

Many Thanks to our dedicated RSVP Volunteers, and their many years of service at our various volunteer community partner stations! Featured are three volunteers that have been invaluable to the RSVP Program. We look forward to honoring them and many others at our Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on May 7, 2019 at the Adams County Fair Grounds Waymire Dome. (Reservations Required)

The Senior Hub – RSVP program will now become Senior Hub Outreach ( S.H.O.U.T.) It will be directed by Tom Rapp and many of our current volunteers and community partner stations will remain. Federally funding with Senior Corps/ RSVP has been uncertain for many years, so we made the decision to move forward as a nonprofit agency with a focused volunteer program that will be unique to the Senior Hub. We are excited to provide new volunteer opportunities, volunteer tools, volunteer training and reach a broader audience of volunteers. Please look forward to updated details about S.H.O.U T and additional ways to plug in!

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