This year The Senior Hub is proud to announce that one of our leaders, Toya Gonzales, has been nominated for the Women of North Metro 2018 in Millennial Leadership by the North Metro Chamber. Since joining the Senior Hub, Toya has been a huge asset to our agency and improved upon one of our most charitable programs, the Meals on Wheels food service delivery program for seniors. We are thrilled that Toya has received this nomination and want to share with you why we feel she is an outstanding candidate.


Toya is a hardworking mother of two and has strong business skills that make her both savvy, and gentle-hearted. She is not a big fan of public speaking but is working hard to feel more comfortable when speaking in public. Her passion for aging adults came from her work as a home care professional. Toya’s care, concern, and dedication in working with seniors is a family affair, she includes her children by having them volunteer alongside her in the Meals on Wheels program.

What is her favorite part about Meals on Wheels? For Toya, it is knowing that we are helping so many people in just one day’s work. She knows the that the Senior Hub delivers approximately 190 hot meals daily, and that area seniors receive good nutrition as well as wellness checks, and a friendly smile to brighten their day.

What’s Toya’s Planning Next

Toya is excited about the Senior Hub’s future goal to open a congregate dining site and she has been involved in the planning, site selection and brainstorming of how best to deliver this program in the Commerce City area. She knows that congregate, family style dining, is a great way to create more community among aging adults, bring more connection and help seniors craft new friendships.

Toya knows that working in the aging adult space is not just about the Senior Hub, but about partnerships, collaboration and shared thinking for ALL of us who serve this population. She knows that many former community members have worked hard to serve and empower seniors and gives credit to those who came before her at the Senior Hub. Serving and appreciating older adults is something we should ALL strive to do, we need to take care of each other.
“We need to take care of each other.” —Toya G.

Who Inspires Toya

Toya’s children are her greater inspiration, as she continues to build non-profit programs for the elderly community, she strives to make further impact in the areas of senior nutrition, housing, and other supportive services. As a busy single mother of two, working two jobs, she aspires to be an Executive Director, one day, for nonprofit serving seniors. Toya is no stranger to working hard and knows that when you love what you do, you can make a HUGE difference.

At the Senior Hub, we are glad to have people like Toya Gonzales in our organization and appreciate her hard work, aspirations, and heart for our elders. We proudly support her as the Nominee for the Women of North Metro 2018!