Emma Willing


Employee Name
Emma Willing

Meals on Wheels

Hardest thing about 2020
2020 brought new challenges and opportunities to everyone lives, the hardest part for me was being furloughed from my previous employer multiple times throughout the year.

Silver Lining(s) of 2020
“Finding my new opportunity at the Senior hub changed my 2020 and has allowed me to continue my love for working for non-profits and give to those who are in need. Working with a new staff that are the most caring and truly love what we all are doing here has changed my whole views on the pandemic. I am very thankful to be a part of this team.”

Client Story
“Our Seniors tell us every day how much they appreciate seeing a friendly face when most have not  been able to leave their house in almost a year. Our couple of Clients at Contour Estes in Commerce City really stand out the most to me because of their conditions and how grateful they all are. All of them have trouble standing for long periods of time and have expressed to me many times how meaningful these meals are so they do not need to prepare any food while standing. I feel like being able to assist them in this way means the world to them and is simple for us to achieve.”