Brittany Mitchell


Employee Name
Brittany Mitchell

Director of Adult Day Services and Material Aid

Hardest thing about 2020
“The constant change that we had no control over

Silver Lining(s) of 2020
“Despite the circumstances of the year we where still able to help our older adults with new programs and resources.”

Client Story
“‘Thank you for all that your doing, you really don’t know just how much I appreciate and need this. Since the pandemic I’ve been scared to go out and get the things I need giving my health and age so thank you for risking everything for little ol’ me. I am forever grateful for you guys. Continue to be a blessing to others and please, please, stay safe’. Miss. Tanya has been receiving Material aid since last April of 2020. Every month she states the above and stress the stay safe part to me or other delivery drivers. She has always been grateful of what she got and never complained.