Amanda Velasquez


Employee Name
Amanda Velasquez

Meals On Wheels

Hardest thing about 2020
“The hardest thing about 2020 is all the people and things that we all miss. Lost connections and missed occasions. For some the permanent loss of a friend or family member. We all hope that this all will end soon and we can get back to life to getting together and making memories.”

Silver Lining(s) of 2020
“I feel incredibly fortunate to work for a company that has made such an impact during all this. Not only have I been able to stay employed during the pandemic, but I’ve been able to be a part of putting food on so many others tables during this time. It feels amazing to be in a place to be able help so many people.”

Client Story
“Vince age 87. While on a phone call with Vince he told me how much receiving Meals on wheels meant to him. He said that it means so much not only to receive a meal each day but to see the volunteers and to be able to wave to a friendly familiar face each day. It is very heartwarming to hear from the people we serve and that we make a big difference in their lives.”