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Meals On Wheels Programs

Meals on Wheels deliveryMeals on Wheels provides a homebound person with a nutritious, hot, noontime meal as well as a friendly visitor. In many cases, our Meals on Wheels volunteer delivery driver is the only visitor our clients ever receive.

  • Drivers provide a wellness check during each visit. If a driver does not have a client answer a door, emergency contacts are called to check on the health and welfare of that client.  In many cases the driver's quick response to a situation can be a major factor in saving the life of a senior.
  • Meal deliveries are made Monday through Friday around noon.

Clients have two meals to choose from:

  • Option One
    • low in sodium, fat and cholesterol
    • meets 1/3 of the daily recommended intake for adults
    • includes a main entree, vegetables, bread, usually fruit and skim milk
    • available on a contribution basis (No one is denied service due to an inability to make a contribution)
    • clients must be age 60 or above and must be homebound; must also have difficulty preparing a main meal
    • hot meals are available five days/week, Monday - Friday
    • frozen meals are available in 5-packs delivered one day a week
    • frozen meals are provided to clients during holidays when The Senior Hub - Meals on Wheels program is closed
  • Option Two - $7.75 plus tax
    • a restaurant meal (restaurants providing meals are Great Scotts, Westy's, and the Wishbone)
    • Meals are paid a month in advance
    • Meals are available seven days/week, Monday - Saturday (two meals can be delivered on Saturday)

Meals On WheelsClients receive special attention on holidays with special gifts, and goody bags filled with useful items like Kleenex, sugar free goodies, "word search" books etc.

On Thanksgiving members of two community churches deliver home-cooked meals to clients who will be alone and have no family or friends with whom to share the holiday.

During the Christmas holiday, the Meals on Wheels program facilitates an "Adopt A Senior" program. Clients with no family or friends nearby can apply for the program. On Christmas Day volunteers prepare and deliver home-cooked meals and deliver stockings and gifts to the registered seniors.

Meals On Wheels DeliveryMeals on Wheels Volunteer opportunities include:

  • A wide variety of options for individuals or groups
  • Delivery drivers which, are always needed
  • Volunteers to prepare a sugar free dessert for 6-10 clients once a week
  • Assist with birthday program for clients
  • Weekly dessert makers for about 50 clients
  • And seasonal tray favors, (example: Easter Eggs, Christmas Cards, table decorations, etc.)
  • Assist with client reassessments via client visits

There is no income limit, although a low-income client will take precedence when route space is limited when adding new clients. For more information, please contact Amanda de Bock, Program Director at 303-426-4408 or email to

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